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Primary vs. Secondary Capital Markets: What's the Difference?

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The secondary market refers to space where securities are traded after changing hands from the original issuer. Often it is an exchange, and the securities could be either equity shares , ETFs , or close-ended funds. It is called a secondary market because the ETF units are twice removed from their creator, as authorized participants further break up their block units and then release them for trading in the secondary market. When a company or central bank issues a financial instrument for the first time, and it is sold to the investors directly, this transaction is said to have happened in a primary market. Some of the common primary market transactions include initial public offerings or IPO. When these initial investors decide to let go of or sell their stake in the business, they can do that through the secondary market.

Difference Between Primary And Secondary Market

The primary market is where securities are created. Here securities are issued by companies for the first time. New stocks and bonds are offered to the public via an initial public offering IPO. A company may have different types of capital requirements depending on its present stage of growth. A well-established company may not require long-term capital. In that case, they may opt for equity financing i.

The primary market is where securities are created. An initial public offering , or IPO, is an example of a primary market. An IPO occurs when a private company issues stock to the public for the first time. The secondary market is commonly referred to as the stock market. The securities are firstly offered in the primary market to the general public for the subscription where a company receives money from the investors and the investors get the securities; thereafter they are listed on the stock exchange for the purpose of trading. The financial market is a world where new securities are issued to the public regularly of varied financial products and services, tailored to the need of every individual from all income brackets.

These stocks constitute the demand-and-supply side of secondary markets. The pricing in these markets is different from the pricing in the primary markets.

Differentiate between Primary Market and Secondary Market’ on any five basis.

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Secondary Market

Securities market can be defined as the market, whereby financial instruments, obligations, and claims are available for sale. It is classified into two interdependent segments, i. Primary Market and Secondary Market.

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In the previous article, you found out what the primary market is all about. And for those of you who are big movie buffs: No, it is not a sequel to the primary market. The secondary market is the place where investors and traders trade in securities. In the secondary market, you can find a lot of different investment products such as equity shares, preference shares, debentures, bonds, treasury bills and so on.

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