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static and dynamic analysis of a piping system pdf

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Dynamic Analysis of Piping System

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Static and dynamic analysis of a piping system. Author Robles-Nieves, Victor. Advisor Jia, Yi. College College of Engineering. Department Department of Mechanical Engineering. Degree Level M. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract An Investigation of flow-induced vibration is presented in this thesis.

Three finite elements models for the pipe system were developed: a structural finite element analysis model with multi-support system for frequency analysis, a fluidstructure interaction FSI finite element model and a transient flow model for waterhammer induced vibration analysis in a fluid filled pipe. The natural frequencies, static, dynamic and thermal stresses, and the limitation of the pipeline system were investigated.

The investigation demonstrates that a gap in a support at the segment k has a negative effect on the entire piping system. It was determinated that the first natural frequency of the whole system occurs at 2. In the warterhammer analysis, the limit maximum flow rates were determinated based on the rate of a rapid closure of the isolation valve. A study of the fluid transient in a simple pipeline was performed. Results obtained from FE model for fluid-structure interaction was compared with a model without considering fluid-structure interaction effects.

The results show notable differences in the velocities profile and deformation due to the fluid-structure interaction effects. Rights c Victor Robles Nieves. Rights license All rights reserved. Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as All Rights Reserved. Search DSpace. This Collection.

Static & Dynamic analysis of piping system

The software performs both static and dynamic analysis of complex piping and skeletal structures, and runs on Microsoft Windows platform. At the time, the program was command line driven with a proprietary programming language to describe the piping systems and define the various load conditions. The graphical user interface was added in to the product, which allowed the editing of piping systems without the need of mastering the earlier required programming language. From the year onwards, the complete licensing and sales activities came under the management of SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH ; which by then evolved into an engineering company specializing in pipe engineering, as well as a software development firm. The integration of ROHR2 into the users workflow is supported by third-party interface products to ensure interoperability - a norm in the present engineering software industry. The static analysis includes the calculation of static loads of any value, or combination in accordance with the theories of first - and second order for linear and non-linear boundary conditions friction, support lift.

Ovunc, Bulent, and Bulent Mallareddy. The intent of this presentation is to describe a method for determining the natural frequencies, modal shapes and the stresses induced by dynamic loads applied to subsea pipelines suspended between the ocean floor and the lay barge or-stinger. The pipe may be uniform or non uniform cross section composed of several elements either hinged or semi rigidly connected or rigidly connected. The analysis of offshore pipelines under static loads was obtained by the stiffness matrix method using an iterative procedure. The pipeline is assumed to be composed by finite element?

Pipe Stress Analysis

Views 6 Downloads 0 File size 1MB. Ray Su Department of Civil Engineeri. Katsikadelis Professor Emeritus of Structural.

A pipe stress analysis thermal flexibility analysis predicts stresses in piping and loads on equipment resulting from thermal gradients, thermal transients, weights, pressure, and bolt-up strain. This study is typically required for piping that experiences high temperature fluctuations, or for long pipe runs such as hot piping to coolers or headers. Cases where equipment is sensitive to external loads may also require a pipe stress analysis.

Zenriser can assist at any stage in the development of a riser or pipe system from a feasibility study through conceptual and detailed design to installation and operation. It can be used for preliminary static analysis to determine a system layout a fast solution scheme which allows efficient determination of system geometry via parametric studies , for global dynamic response analysis to assess overall system response and for detailed dynamic response analysis to design particular components. It can also be used to determine clearances between flexible risers, mooring lines and pipelines. Any tethered or untethered subsurface body buoy or weight and any distributed buoyancy tanks, collars or clump weights may also be attached to the riser system. The motions of up to 2 vessels may be defined vessel response, time history, etc.

Abstract Oil and gas reserves are moving towards deeper waters day by day and it has become increasingly important to construct structures and subsea pipelines in deeper waters to transport the hydrocarbons for the users.

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The dynamic analysis of piping systems using pseudo-dynamic tool in dynamic analysis and, on being carried out in a quasi-static procedure.

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